About Us

                OUR GOAL

Our goal at AZWished.com is to recreate that magical feeling and actually make your wishes come true! We believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers low prices, top quality products, and fast shipping times. At AZWished.com we understand how hard shopping online can be, and just how much it truly takes to put your trust in a company. We want to assure you, we will always maintain absolute integrity and never take your trust for granted.

                    THE MISSION

So far we've made over 350,000 customers wishes come true, and and the number is constantly rising. Our mission has made the experience of those customer's magical every time. That mission is to give our customers a little magic in their lives, by giving them the most amazing products at the lowest possible price.

You are the reason we are here. We love finding great deals, too. But just posting new deals every day wouldn’t be very fun if there was no one to share them with. That’s why our number one priority is making sure your customer experience is exceptional.

Each product is meticulously tested by our team before entering the catalog and we guarantee 100% quality and safety so that your experience in our store is the most satisfying. It is evaluated from the customer's perspective and only if it is considered to be satisfying, is its distribution approved.

Our location: 2300 Ocean ave Brooklyn NYC 11229